Foods With Lactose You May Wish To Avoid

Foods with lactose There is an increasing awareness of the number of food allergies that people can suffer these days and it has to be said there are a lot of them.

Some of them are rather inconsequential, only affecting small foods that can be easily avoided but this this not always the case. There are many people who find themselves unable to eat dairy products and this means that they have to avoid foods with lactose.

There are many foods that are classed in this band so people who are lactose intolerant need to beware what they are eating. The list of dairy products is the longest of the food types they have to avoid and this means milk and any food that is derived from milk or made with milk as an ingredient.

There is soy milk which can act as a substitute but it is best for people to be on the look-out for any meals or packaged foods which may contain milk or milk derivatives.

Some of the foods with lactose that really affect people are desserts, which is natural because most people find that desserts are their favourite meal of the day.

This means foods like ice cream, ice milk, sorbet, mousse, custard, milk chocolate; toffee, caramel and butterscotch are all off-limits to someone that is lactose intolerant. This can greatly reduce the dessert options that are open to someone, making for a miserable time at the dinner table.

Thankfully people are finding lactose substitute products on the shelves in stores which mean there are alternatives for lactose intolerant people. There may need to be an additional level of scouting around in the shops to find these products but they are.

There is no doubt that being lactose intolerant can greatly impinge on a person’s diet and this is because there are so many foods with lactose and not only that, seriously important foods that are found in many meals.

Patience in the supermarket or patience in the kitchen should ensure that people can have the dinners that they enjoy as opposed to worrying about the foods that they cannot eat.

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